CND Global technologies, headquartered in Rhode Island USA and offices across India, is one of the fasted growing startup in the field of medical device integration and software development. The company is incorporated in Rhode Island, USA in late 2016 and started doing business in mid-2017.
The primary goal of the company is to provide solution for device to device, device to software and software to software integration in the field of medical and healthcare. The company also provide custom software development, medical device integration and servicing existing medical software and integrations. The products of the company, a unique combination of software and devices, is already the bestselling product in its category and in eCommerce market.

The company is started after thorough market research and feedback from leading industry experts. The core team of the company consist of individuals with over 20+ year experience in medical devices and
software and comes from leading IT and device companies across the world. The company is aimed to reduce time and cost of integrating medical devices, thus reducing budget and increasing scalability of the device and software.
The company currently provides integration with dental X-Ray sensors, Flat Panel Detectors and Mid- Level X Ray detectors. All devices are fully integrated with software developed and integrated in house by the company. The device and software of the company are well tested and used by leading Dentists, Veterinarians and Radiologist across the globe. Because of in-house development and testing, the company is able to offer lowest price than any of the competitors, the primary reason of excellent sales
figure in last six months.
Come join us on this unique journey to challenge and redefine the industry we have known for a long time.