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Our products are manufactured in line with international quality standards and Quality Management Systems.

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We are specialized in only high quality dental materials and equipment. 24/7 customer service. Extended warranty. Technical support. premium dental products.

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At CND Global Technologies , we provide Installation and Services to our customer and satisfaction.

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CND Global Technologies is one of the fastest growing Dental Products supplier company in Worldwide focused on providing Human and VET Dental Sensors, Dental X-Ray Machines while pioneering the concept of one point solutions for all the dental needs of customers in United States.
The Optimum quality Dental X-ray Machines combined with RVG, Digital Panoramic High Frequency Machines are marketed along with big range of Flat Panel DR’s. With comprehensive knowledge about market requirements CND Global Technologies does not only pioneer in introducing beautiful, light weight aesthetically designed products manufactured in most hygienic conditions. We are also instrumental in bringing a change in worldwide scenario with the launch of high frequency Dental X-Ray machine with RVG as a package.



How do I get Twain Driver for this Sensor. Do I have to pay for it
Yes, Instruction manual as well as installation manual is included in the installation disks and is also downloadable from our website.
Is it compatible with Gendex 770 machine
Yes, It work with Gendex 770 and all leading X-Ray machine brands.
Does this Sensor works with other Software
Yes, this Sensor work with all leading Dental Software such as Dexis, EagleSoft, EvaSoft, Apteryx, Dentrix and EzDent via free Twain Driver included with Sensor.
How do I get the Support
You can get support by calling Toll Free Number or by sending email to Support team.
How much do I have to pay for Software?
No Sir, You do not have to pay anything for Twain Driver. Its included in the price of the Sensor and can we found in the installation disk that come with Sensor.
Will you sent me instruction manual
Yes, Instruction manual as well as installation manual is included in the installation disks and is also downloadable from our website.
I use ImageVet currently for taking X Rays. Do I need to get another machine to use this Sensor
It works with ImageVet. You do not have to get another machine.
Do the Software include canine teeth chart?
Yes, Software include canine and other teeth chart. Additional teeth charts can be added without any cost as long as your sensor is in warranty.
Is the Software included
Yes, Software is included. A Twain Driver is also included just in case if you want to use your existing software.


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